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A Friendly Reminder

Hi everyone!

I need to tell you all something important.

Your body is stronger than you think it is.

Really! As a physical therapist, I hear a lot of people tell me that movement will cause them harm, that they are too old to move, or that they shouldn't move if they have pain.

And NONE of it is true!!

Our bodies NEED movement. This is how we stay strong and prevent muscle atrophy, make our bones stronger, and get the right amount of blood flow and nutrients to all the tissues in our bodies.

And this is true for people at all ages! While there are changes in our bodies that occur as we age, we certainly shouldn't be shying away from regular amounts of aerobic exercise and resistive training. Adults older than 65 are still recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week and perform strength training at least two times a week. This can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis and falls, which can be more common in older age.

Exercise has cognitive and psychological benefits as well. When I was in graduate school, my professors made sure that we prioritized our own health and fitness rather than skipping the gym to cram for midterms. This helped me manage my stress and keep my sanity throughout school, which was NOT an easy task!

Movement is also great for people with musculoskeletal pain. Exercise can help quicken the healing process, and aerobic exercise is typically indicated early on after an injury to improve outcomes. People who continue on with their regular activities when faced with an injury are likely to recover more quickly.

If you have any questions about whether certain exercises are right for you, feel free to reach out or contact your local physical therapist with questions. People with comorbidities or acute injuries may need to visit a PT or a physician to find out what specific exercises are best for you. I can guarantee though, there is SOME form of exercise for everyone, including you!

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